Who is Hot Chocolate Fitness?

Ndem Nkem (N-dame N-kim) is from Chowchilla, CA near the Fresno area. During his youth, he always viewed the consumption of animals as bizarre and as he entered into adulthood decided to begin researching alternatives.  Through a lot of research, Ndem learned he could survive without animal consumption and in 2007 began his first life change by becoming vegetarian.  In 2012 Ndem took the leap to becoming a vegan.

Going vegan was the best decision of his life. Veganism is one of the most ethical lifestyle choices, and helps to reduce the unnecessary suffering of animals & our planet.

Today, Ndem spends his spare time traveling the United States showcasing the power of a plant fueled diet. Ndem proves that you can easily be an athlete, move your body at any size, have muscle, go after your dreams, and be strong on a plant-based diet!


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