if your not much a dairy person ,having  a milk alternative is always great.nuts and seeds usually make good milks.they sell almond milk in almost every supermarket these days but with  so much preservatives in them your not gettting all the healthy goodness of almond milk..i mean come on who wants to drink chemicals 


step one :

soak your nuts


this brings out the enzymes and makes it easier for the body to break down.soak the for 8 hours or just soak overnight while you sleep


step 2:

put into a blender

i put 1/4 cup of soaked almonds into the blender.you can add anything to sweeten it like vanilla extract  .blend for 2 mins or until all almonds are ground down



step 3 :

use a strainer or a cheese cloth

it gets all the pulp of the nuts out so you can have just the liquids



step 4 :

your milk is ready!

wasn’t that simple and so easy to make.


store in the fridge and it last for about 3 days.also make sure you give it a good shake before drinking



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