Monica Black’s story!
HCF: What made you decide you needed to change your life? 
“I was a school teacher and 220 lbs.  I was on blood pressure medications (still am).  I was walking across a FLAT playground and was winded.  I have 2 teenage sons who I wanted to see grow up.  I knew I had to do better.”
HCF: What steps did you take to improve your life?
“I asked for help.  For someone who is fiercely independent, I learned that there is power in vulnerability and I (eventually) embraced it.  It had me by the neck, kicking and screaming but once I submitted to it, I saw how little discomfort there actually was in actually asking and accepting assistance from capable others.  I enlisted the help of a trainer who also became my health coach.  I was coachable.  Never once did the thoughts “I know what I’m doing” enter into the picture.  I also showed up, not just to my training sessions but to life in general.  I work on myself more than I do my job by exercising my mindset as I would do my muscles.  I play full out and developed the habit of being solution focused rather than complaining about what was wrong with my life.  When my trainer would give me exercises he knew I struggled with, instead of rolling my eyes and whining, I adopted the attitude that these exercises would make me better…and they did.  I told myself I could, I took a deep breath, focused on my form and got the job done.  Now I LOVE all those workouts that I used to hate!  I found all the reasons why I COULD rather than I COULDN’T.
I also got it together when it came to my eating habits.  I started an excellent nutrition plan, thanks to my coach, which was a HUGE part of my success.  I was able to lose the weight, peeling back the layers that were hiding all the great work I was doing with my trainer.  I eat more now at 78 lbs down than I did when I was struggling to walk across the school yard.  I learned the importance of nutrient timing, how to eat clean without sacrificing good taste or giving up social activities, how much protein I needed to build lean muscle so that my metabolism works for me.  Most importantly, I redefined my relationship with food.  Food no longer served as therapy but rather as fuel as it is intended.”
HCF: What motivates you to keep on this path? 
“I am motivated to stay on this path because once I figured out how absolutely simple weight management IS, I couldn’t help but want to share it with others.  The best way to do that is to live my life out loud and share what I know with anyone who is interested in taking back control of their health.  I want others to feel how good I feel and to be as happy as I am EVERY day!”
HCF: What are you most proud of going thru this journey?
“I am most proud of my commitment to myself.  For so long, I felt like it was selfish to take care of me first.  Like the flight attendants tell us on airplanes before taking off, if the mask falls from above, place it on yourself before helping loved ones.  So I made a simple mind shift.  I left the judgment about self-love out of the equation and invested in myself.  The interesting fringe benefit of it all was that I no longer worried about what other people thought of me because I KNEW who I was.  In doing so, I became whole.  I am better able to take care of others and have more to contribute to those other than myself.  By making the decision to do better, taking action, remaining solution focused and forgiving myself when I make choices that don’t support the attainment of my goals, I not only value myself but I communicate to others the high standard that I live by.  It has inspired others to not only shine themselves but to treat me with the utmost respect.”
HCF: What futures goals do you have?
“I WILL continue to share the gift I have been given with others.
I WILL empower others to choose joy and construct their own action plans for goal attainment.
I WILL create resources to support others in being the best version of themselves.
I WILL be a best selling author.
I WILL be coming to a town near you to facilitate conversations towards embracing a balanced, fulfilling, and purposeful life.”
HCF: If you could share any advice or words of encouragement what would they be?
“BE decisive, 
BE resourceful, 
BE solution-focused, 
BE kind and forgiving especially with yourself.  
My favorite saying is #hopeisnotastrategy…don’t talk about it…BE about it!”
HCF: Where can people get in touch with you?
Instagram: @onefeistyfemale
Twitter: @onefeistyfemale
KIK: onefeistyfemale
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