Kimberly Moffatt’s story 
HCF: What made you decide you needed to change your life?
“I was very unhappy with the way my life was going and that mentality was overflowing in my interpersonal relationships. I needed a routine to feel normal and having a gym membership gave me that. I had something to look forward to each day that wasn’t dependent on someone else. This was “my thing”.”
HCF: What steps did you take to improve your life?
“I went to the gym every day and gave every session at 110%. I also decided to use my personal time and social media to inspire and help others. This forced my mentality to change even if I didn’t feel 100% positive or upbeat about my life. Helping others helped me. It’s the best feeling in the world to see someone change their life or their habits and are excited about it. Giving encouragement to others also assisted me with giving -myself- encouragement.”
HCF: What motivates you to keep on this path?
“A few things motivate me to keep on this path. The first is to show the majority that hurting animals is unnecessary to achieve the level of success you want with sports, your body, health and anything related. Another thing that motivates me is seeing people change their habits to live better lives. When we feel good and confident about ourselves, we are most likely to spread love and compassion towards one another as well as empower others since we aren’t seeking self-esteem from tearing others down. The last thing that motivates me is the “selfish” reason. I love seeing my body change. It’s a temple and I can sculpt it anyway I want. My mental health has greatly improved as well.”
HCF: What are you most proud of going thru this journey?
“I am most proud of how strong I’ve become and how much passion and drive I have. I -knew- I was meant for something, but as the years went by I was starting to think otherwise.”
HCF: What futures goals do you have?
“I want to compete in jujitsu as a vegan competitor. Weight lifting gives me a ton of confidence, however, martial arts brings me back to “Earth”. You must be a student even if you become a black belt and that in my opinion is so humbling and needed in this world. I also want to continue to inspire others with my fitness Instagram and my newly made Youtube Channel. If I can help as many people and save animals as I do it, that in itself is worth it.”
HCF: If you could share any advice or words of encouragement what would they be?
“The strongest advice I have besides making a decision to do so is to visualize yourself in that role. LIVE IN THAT LIFESTYLE. It’s so easy to diverge from what we want to do and we put our focus into the person we want to be IN that decision, I believe we are more likely to stick with it.”
HCF: Where can people get in touch with you?
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