HCF: What made you decide you needed to change your life?

“Honestly, I was exhausted and unhappy a majority of the time. I never had the energy or the desire to enjoy my life…instead I just sat on the couch, binged on Netflix, ate way too much junk food, and went out drinking with my friends. My relationship with my body was such an unhealthy one, that I knew I needed to do something to change/improve it, or else I would sink into an even more serious depression than I was already experiencing.”

HCF: What steps did you take to improve your life?

“I started slow, by just going to the gym 5 days a week for 20 minutes of cardio. After I successfully completed that, I stopped eating out. It was a systematic change for me, logical steps towards empowering myself mentally and physically. Soon, I started making new friends who were into the healthy lifestyle and supported my decision to better my life. Eventually, after about 3 months, I had lost 40 pounds and started powerlifting again with a new coach, Jason Morris, who is helping me achieve my ultimate gains goal. Change is scary and hard, but when you take those smaller steps to remove the bad and add back in the good, it makes it seem much more manageable.”

HCF: What motivates you to keep on this path?

“Powerlifting. That’s what it’s all about for me. I want to compete, crush PR’s, school all the women in my weight class, and show the world (and more importantly myself) what a strong and beautiful woman I am. This lifestyle isn’t just about being in shape physically for me, it’s a total emotional and mental thing as well. I feel better, all 

of the time (except when I’m forced to take a rest day haha”

HCF: What are you most proud of going through this journey?

“I am really proud of the work I’ve done on what’s inside of me. Self-love is a hard nut to crack, and most of us struggle with things like self-doubt, self-worth, and especially for me, taking care of myself. Now, I feed my body right, giving it the appropriate fuel to do the things that make me feel amazing, like powerlifting. It wasn’t always so easy for me, I struggled quite a bit with eating the nutrients needed just to get through the day in the beginning because I had developed such an unhealthy, emotional relationship with food. Thankfully, I’m getting over that and making huge strides towards my personal goals.”

HCF: What future goals do you have?

“I would like to help people with the same issues I had. Folks reach out to me a lot on social media asking for advice in fitness, nutrition, weight loss, etc. but unfortunately, those things are out of my scope of practice, so I refer them to the professionals. Maybe one day, I’ll go back to school and earn the appropriate certifications to help those people who struggled with eating disorders or getting back into shape. I just want to help others feel as amazing as I do now.

Never give up. I know that sounds really simple, but it’s ridiculously hard. Know that when you first start this journey to a healthy, happy life, that it’s going to suck so badly that you’ll want to quit every day. But don’t. Suit up and show up, every day, because you know deep down inside, that YOU’RE WORTH IT. And also, never be afraid to ask for help. Whether it’s from a friend, or a personal trainer, or just someone you admire from afar, we are all here to help one another.”

HCF: Where can people get in touch with you?

Instagram: @littlebirdvegan

Website: www.plantbasedromance.com

Email: plantbasedromance@gmail.com



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